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DIY Pallet Canning Pantry

DIY Pallet Canning Pantry

DIY Pallet Canning Pantry

Image Credit: oldworldgardenfarms.com

This is a great DIY guide to turn old pallets into a beautiful canning pantry cupboard, so you can sort out all your jars of your canned food. Storage is always a pain in my house and I’m sure it is in your house too.

I guess if you can’t get a hold of any pallets you could re use wood from other things like crates, wardrobes or something similar. That would be to much work tho, a pallet is easier to disassemble and so much easier to store the wood until you need it.

You can pick up pallets for cheap or free from local stores or craigslist. Remember to only get the heat treated (HT) pallets as the older chemically treated pallets are a no no.

If you are into canning and or just getting into it, it is important to have somewhere to place you canned items. Your cupboards will soon get filled and that’s when this frugal project comes in handy.

You can build as many as you like and make your basement into the canning supermarket of the century 🙂 Get handy this summer and make this sturdy pantry from old pallets today.

DIY Pallet Canning Pantry 

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