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Do Children Really Need Bullet Proof Vests?




With all the dangers that could lurk around any corner for children, especially in the schools, is it necessary for a kid to wear bullet proof protection? This has been a topic that has been debated by activist, politicians, and concerned parents in the wake of increased mass shootings in public areas. There are many articles of bullet proof protection available that is designed to protect young children, even though it’s just starting to be experimented with.

The Arrival of Bullet Proof Kids Wear and Back Packs

Designed with bright and attractive colors, including stuff with special characters incorporated, the bullet proof kids clothing and back packs are designed to look like normal things that a kid would routinely wear to school. Along with the back packs, there are protective jackets and vests that are lightweight and can fully protect a kid from harm. This bullet proof merchandise is not available at the common retail store such as Walmart, but can be specially ordered through the proper manufacturers like safeguardarmor.com an armor company that sells to US civilians.

The Controversy with Bullet Proof Gear for Kids

The idea of bullet proof jackets and back packs for kids isn’t embraced by everyone. Some politicians feel that it’s too abrasive to have kids wearing it in school. Some of them feel that the issue is with the weapons that are available to the average civilian. The issue of heavier background checks for gun purchase has been pressed, and also the issue of types of guns that are available in stores. It is not illegal for a child to go to school wearing a bullet proof coat or back pack, but it’s not totally off the table that it could be banned.

Should it be Illegal for Kids to Wear Bullet Proof Gear?

To date, there has been no report of a child being harmed by any bullet proof gear of any sort. It’s controversial because the idea of having to protect a child from a scenario of rapid gunfire has rattled some people. The idea of armoring our children with any sort of protection is a great idea. It can only do more good than harm. There are already kids out there today how already wear this type of protection in schools and at any public venue. This type of gear for kids is increasingly becoming more popular throughout different areas in the world. There are more and more manufacturers producing these products.

Finding These Products and Pricing

It’s relatively easy to find a bullet proof back pack or jacket for your child, EBay is a known carrier of these types of products, but you have to search a little harder for a variety. If you’re searching for protective gear for a child age 4-12, there are private manufacturers that make products more focused on the younger crowd.

The pricing of such gear for children can be a little expensive. A back pack or jacket could range in price anywhere from $100 to $400 depending on the quality. It’s best to think of it as an investment for the child.

Do Children Really Need Bullet Proof Vests?

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