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How To Hack A Swiss Army Knife To Have A Carbon Steel Blade


OH how I love my Victorinox Forester SAK. It has everything a resourceful and civilised gentleman should need in an Every Day Carry knife, such as a corkscrew. One thing that isn’t quite great though is the quality of the steel used for the blade. Stainless steel looks good, but – for most types of SS – that’s about it. Its edge is lost as soon as it gets good use. Carbon steel, however, holds a great edge for much longer. The other thing about the Victorinox blade is that the shape of the blade (“the grind”) has a long taper with a secondary bevel – really I prefer short single bevels (“scandinavian grind” or “scandi” for short) which is personal taste but it is very easy to sharpen in the field. See how to do this below:

How To Hack A Swiss Army Knife To Have A Carbon Steel Blade

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