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Jewelweed – the Natural Poison Ivy Remedy

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Jewelweed – the Natural Poison Ivy Remedy

Jewelweed - the Natural Poison Ivy Remedy - cure Follow Me on Pinterest

Knowing your plants in the wild can save your you-know-what, in more ways than one!

When my son was at army cadet boot camp, his leaders put fear into their hearts about what to beware of in the woods when camping out. The leaders shared the story of a few former cadets who used the wrong leaves for toilet paper Yep… poison ivy. Shudder… cringe… yikes!!!

The story goes that it was so bad for these poor afflicted boys, that they were even taken to the hospital for treatment.


What was missing from the instruction on what to stay away from, was advice on what to use, in case you encountered poison ivy unwittingly. If those poor young men had been informed of both, prior to camping out, they might have missed that most excruciating and embarrassing, never-to-be-forgotten incident. Even if they accidentally used the wrong leaf in the dark, they could have remedied that mistake by searching for the leaf that is the best natural poison ivy remedy, and which usually grows nearby: Jewelweed! And yes, nature in its wisdom, placed poison ivy for wildlife to eat, unharmed, and natural remedies perfectly suited to the same growing environment, nearby.

Wherever poison ivy is growing, you will likely find the best natural poison ivy remedy nearby.

The very best results come from using the leaf in the wild. The next best thing is to make your own jewelweed extract. You can learn more about that here.

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