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“Preparing for Less”: 10 ways to prepare for FREE


 This series is about prepping for free the website has a list of 10 things you can do for FREE to help you start that “insurance” for your family. If you are starting out with prepping or are on a tight budget this is a great start. also if you are an avid prepper and looking for other ways to prep, again this is a great read.

 “Preparing for Less”: 10 ways to prepare for FREE

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SHTF prepardness

After watching recent events unfold and speaking to family and friends, my wife and I decided to start prepping.
Preparedness is a big part of our lives now and I would be honored to share some knowledge with you. Here at shtfpreparedness.com we gather the best, prepping, survival, homesteading and DIY articles from around the web. "Those who prepare today will survive tomorrow"

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