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How To Make Your Own PVC Water Well Hand Pump

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  Check out  MeAndMother2 9 part,  Make Your Own Hand Pump for a Water Well using PVC plumbing parts  video series. PARTS LIST and SCHEMATIC DIAGRAM AND PARTS LIST>> : http://www.repentnow.com/waterwellpar… It uses ordinary plumbing parts except for two 3/4 inch stainless steel balls in two valves. Find balls on ebay or go to www.precisionballs.com Here is a …

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DIY PVC Alice Pack Frame

DIY PVC Alice Pack Frame Having a solid brace for a bug out bag is better for your back, it can hold more weight and take pressure off the back also. PVC is so versatile..make your bug out bag more comfortable and secure. Don’t spend valuable money on a ready made one which probably NOT fit …

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PVC – A Preppers NEW Best Friend?

PVC, polyvinyl chloride, is a thermoplastic. It softens with heat and rigidifies when it cools again. While soft, it can be bent and even stretched into molds. Cold, it can be sawed, filed, drilled, scraped, or whittled with a knife. PVC material can be found at most hardware stores in the form of plumbing pipe. …

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