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13 Common Flowers That Are Actually Poisonous

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13 Common Flowers That Are Actually Poisonous

13 Common Flowers That Are Actually Poisonous Follow Me on Pinterest

Image Credit: balconygardenweb.com

Did You know that most of the flowers listed in this article you may actually have had or still have them in your garden? I know I have 4 of them. I will probably leave them as I don’t let my animals in that part of the garden and now I know they are poisonous, I just won’t handle them, or if I do, I will be sure to wash my hands!

Some of the plants are ok for humans but deadly for animals, so if you have pets please be sure to check if you have any of these plants in and around your garden. Check them out and let me know if you do.

13 Common Flowers That Are Actually Poisonous

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