15 Awesome Uses for Mint

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Mint is a true botanical wonder, it is so easy to care for, and its pleasing aroma makes it a welcome addition to the garden or home window sill . The best part about this easy-to-grow herb is its usefulness. Mint makes a delicious addition to meals, a healthful tea, a fragrant potpourri and an insect-deterring spray. This sweet-smelling plant also has soothing and anesthetic properties that make it a great fit for homemade body-care products. To grow mint, get a cutting from a friend or purchase a starter plant at a nursery. (Mint doesn’t reproduce true from seed.) Mint can actually be too easy to grow—it sometimes takes over the garden—so give this attractive ground cover plenty of room to spread, or plant it in a container.

Read all the awesome used mint has below:

15 Awesome Uses for Mint

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