17 Bow Hunting Tips For Off Grid Survival

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17 Bow Hunting Tips For Off Grid Survival

17 Bow Hunting Tips For Off Grid Survival

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Living off the land has a few advantages. The first and arguably the most important one is that you’ll be able to continue to sustain yourself should SHTF. During a major crisis, it won’t take long for food shelves to run completely dry. When this happens, having the ability to hunt with a bow can be a major advantage to have. Heck, even if there isn’t an impending crisis, knowing how to bow hunt can allow you to live more comfortably off the grid. Once you become a better hunter, you can supplement your food source with deer, turkey, and other wild game. Don’t worry if you’ve never shot a bow before- it’s not that difficult.

Rather than give you the cliché answer of “just practice”, I thought it would be better to dive more in-depth. Specifically, you should learn the “insider tips” for learning how to increase your chances of killing wild game with a bow. For example, did you know that you should practice in low-lit environments to hone your skills? Or that you should shorten your release to achieve better accuracy? These are all bow hunting tips that, while basic, tend to be forgotten when in the field.

17 Bow Hunting Tips – Off Grid Survival

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