20 Clever And Crafty Uses For K-Cups

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20 Clever And Crafty Uses For K-Cups

20 Clever and Crafty Uses For K-Cups

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Most of us love our cup(s) of coffee in the morning. Let’s face it, we need our coffee in the morning. Nothing has made it easier to brew at home than the Keurig. Last year Keurig Green Mountain sold more than 9 billion K-cups. That’s billion, with a “B”.

Most of these are being returned to mother nature by way of landfills, and the majority of them are not recyclable. The global population is increasing exponentially and our landfills are filling up with non-recyclable materials that will take 10’s of thousands of years to degrade. Landfills are contributing to air and ground water pollution and contributing to global warming by releasing huge amounts of greenhouse gases into the atmosphere.  If you labeled them as ugly it would be an understatement.

We do have some eco-friendly options. You can head over to Amazon and get reusable K-cups, however Keurig Green Mountain is making that a more difficult option as the newer brewers won’t brew with them (think DRM music licensing for coffee makers!!). On a positive note, Keurig has committed to making 100% of their K-cups recyclable by the year 2020. Let’s pray they follow through.

For those of us that enjoy DIY solutions the folks at Mother Nature Network put together a list of 20 crafty uses for K-cups that will help us do our part for the environment. My definite favorite is the tiny K-cup planters. What is better than having our coffee and some fun while we’re at it!

20 Clever And Crafty Uses For K-Cups

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