32 Foods That Aren’t Just For Eating

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32 Foods That Aren’t Just For Eating

32 Foods That Aren't Just For Eating

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Did you know you can use peanut butter as shaving cream? That you can use mayonnaise to relieve a sunburn? Or that you can use a can of tuna as an oil candle? These are just a few of the countless things you can do with food besides eating it.

Being familiar with the many alternative uses for food could be very helpful in a long-term disaster. If you find yourself in need of some miscellaneous items–such as shaving cream, aloe vera, or candles–you can just use some of your food instead. Remember, you won’t be able to run to Walmart every time you need something.

The following article contains of a list of 32 foods that have dozens of unusual uses. This information could make your life much more comfortable post collapse.

32 Foods That Aren’t Just For Eating

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