42 Flowers You Can Eat

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42 Flowers You Can Eat

42 Flowers You Can Eat

In a survival situation you have to think outside the box. Many of us don’t know that there is a treasure trove of food in gardens all around us. I found a good article that shows us 42 flowers you can actually eat.

Flowers can be used on a daily basis, these flowers will work great and add awesome flavor and color in a salad and deserts. The flavor rage of these flowers is immense,

Flowers actually contain vital nutrients and minerals we may not get from our stockpiled food. My favorite flower and one that I have actually eaten is Calendula / marigold. It actually has a spicy taste and a great addition to any dish. my wife loves to cook with Violets.

Check out all of the edible flowers in the link below… If you know of any more edible flowers please head on over to our Facebook page and leave us a comment, we would love to know.

42 Edible Flowers

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