46 Amazing New Pallet Building Ideas To Try Out

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46 Amazing New Pallet Building Ideas To Try Out

46 Amazing New Pallet Building Ideas To Try Out

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Pallets are everywhere, from supermarkets to Craigslist… take advantage of getting a few pallets when ever you get the chance, they can transform into some beautiful DIY projects.

I absolutely LOVE pallets, I have over 15 at home just waiting for my DIY hands to get hold of them! I personally have made raised beds, even my man cave is a pallet hybrid  (I used pallets as the base)

When choosing pallets you have to make sure you look for the stamp that says HT or heat treated. The other pallets without this stamp or mark are treated chemically and if used in the garden or just in general could harm you and your animals. I was lucky, I used to work for a survey company and they got 5 or 6 pallets full of paper delivered daily and they have to use heat treated wood to store the paper on.

Look around for pallets because there are companies that charge for them, I have seen some for sale for over 20 bucks! I will not pay that for a pallet. Although, pallets tend to have really good quality pine or similar wood. Check out all of these ideas and get building

46 Amazing New Pallet Building Ideas To Try Out

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