5 Logical Reasons to Prepare

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It might be harder to find 5 logical reasons not to prepare. So much has changed over the last decade that it’s hard for our brains to really understand it all. Our threat profile has changed in many parts of the world. 

5 Logical Reasons to Prepare - Most preppers, regardless of what the media says, have more logical reasons to prepare.

Storms like Sandy and Irma were known as once in a lifetime storms. These things weren’t supposed to happen every year. We are now looking at a time in which dealing with massive hurricanes is becoming the norm. 

While we are on the subject of world-changing disasters, let’s talk about 5 rational reasons why you should prepare. 

Natural Disaster

Wildfires, tornadoes, earthquakes, hurricanes, floods, and blizzards are all reasons to prepare. These things happen every year. They are also getting worse! 

Societal Unrest

All over the world people are gaining access to the internet. They are joining groups and taking to the streets. Some you might agree with and some you may not. Either way, the societies of our world have never been so close to the brink.

In the US alone we are seeing riots and fights on a weekly basis. You dont know who is targeting you but you could become a target. 

Personal Crisis

What about those tragedies that befall us all. We lose a loved one, we lose a job maybe we lose our home. These things happen to people every day. You will be much better off if you are prepared.

Food and Water Shortage

While these could be far-reaching food and water are the two biggest reasons to prep. Our growing fields are underwater and our waterways are being polluted at an astounding rate. Who knows what we will be eating and drinking in 30 years.


Major nations have not engaged in a serious war in nearly 80 years. That is an astounding time of peace. Unfortunately, rogue nations are reaching new heights of power and putting millions at risk. This will not be tolerated by the West. 

5 Logical Reasons to Prepare - Most preppers, regardless of what the media says, have more logical reasons to prepare.

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