5 Prepping Things to Accomplish in April

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5 Prepping Things to Accomplish in April - Preppers so rarely engage in the self inspections. The first tip in this article is about getting around your home and your property and looking for things to fix or secure.

Preppers so rarely engage in the self-inspection.

This is such a crucial step in the process of what we do. You learn so much about your property when you get out on the roof and look at the windows. A home inspection is but one aspect of preparedness. Your home is your number one survival shelter! 

The setting of goals is such a huge part of being successful. 

What are a few other goals that should be completed in April? Let’s look at a few big ones that are unique to these seasons. 

Preparing Gardens

You might even be planting gardens at this point! Depending on where you are in the nation, its the time to start considering gardens in a big way. Summer planting will not have come into effect yet but you might need to consider things like that. 

Cleaning up and rearranging gardens during this time is also a very important task this time of year. 

Preparation for Preservation

The harvest will come quick so April is a good time to get those mason jars out, get new lids, chekc the pressure cooker and so on. If you are growing berries they will be harvestable before you know it. 

Dont lose crop because you aren’t ready to preserve it. Things like strawberries come hard and fast. Can them up for pie filling or jams.

Plan Some Outdoor Training

You are going to need to do some training in the outdoors to keep yourself best prepared. Preparing for these camping events and things of that nature will assure you get those opportunities. The key to outdoor training is setting time aside to be effective. 

There is much to do in spring and you have to be very careful about time. We only get so much in a day. That wick burns fast! 


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