5 Survival Uses for 5 Gallon Buckets

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There are certain resources in the prepping game that are so multi-use it’s insane. There are many but the 5 gallon bucket is a monster. It can be used for so many things. However, they stand out because you can go and find them for free! Lids might be harder to get but 5 gallon buckets can be had for nothing, today.

There are certain resources in the prepping game that are so multi-use it's insane.


Food Storage

One of the most well-known uses for five-gallon buckets in prepping is to use them as food storage buckets. That could be as is or with mylar and oxygen absorbers.  Food storage is critical and putting up buckets is the best way to keep tabs on all you have.

Water Filters

By layering things like charcoal, sand, and rocks, you are going to be able to turn a simple 5 gallon bucket into a water filter. You will also need a spigot for the bottom of that bucket but you can make a world of difference with a simple 5 gallon bucket water filter.

Making Lye

Personal hygiene is critical. Having lye means that you can make soap and that means you have the ability to at least care for the human body. Just by mixing wood ash and water together in a 5 gallon bucket you can have all sorts of lye made.

Cache Burying

You can bury foods in 5 gallon buckets and bury them underground. You can also use mylar bags and waterproof bags to stick in those buckets for burying these caches filled with other things beyond food.

Compost Tea

If you take your 5 gallon bucket and fill it halfway with some rain catchment water or water that is not chlorinated and add a few large handfuls of compost you can make some great tea for your plants in 24 hours. mix it around and let that stuff brew for a day.

There are certain resources in the prepping game that are so multi-use it's insane.

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