55 Gallon Metal Drum Project Ideas

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55 Gallon Metal Drum Project Ideas

55 Gallon Metal Drum Project Ideas - Is a barrel just a barrel? Not when it's DIY time! :)

Image Credit: goodshomedesign.com

With the Fall weather here that means more time can be spent outside enjoying the not so hot sun and the foliage! For me, this type of weather signals DIY time. I have been avoiding going outside due to the humid weather in my area and my hands are itching to get busy!

I have many 55 gallon metal drums laying around my barn and always wanted to do something fun with them. I had planned on using them to store my rain water but I want to use plastic going forward. That means I have 7 barrels that need my attention.

I went hunting for some projects and came across a mother-load of ideas. My brain is now buzzing and the first 2 projects I am going to be doing are the ones pictured above.

55 Gallon Metal Drum Project Ideas

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