8 DIY Survival Projects Out Of Plastic Bottles

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8 DIY Survival Projects Out Of Plastic Bottles

8 DIY Survival Projects Out Of Plastic Bottles - Billions of plastics are being used yearly in the whole world. The humble plastic bottle are not only used as containers for soda. You can use plastics bottles in a lot of different ways for survival too.

Image Credit: Glen Bowman via Flickr

Billions of plastic bottles are being used annually across the globe. Soda is not the only use for plastic bottles, you can use them in many different ways for survival.  Not to mention doing your part to reduce your “plastic footprint”.

We have found a very nice article for you to take a look at. This article goes over 8 different projects that use plastic bottles. You can use the plastic bottles for indoor or outdoor gardening. All you have to do is to cut the bottle in half, put some mud and fertilizer in the bottle and add seeds or vegetables in it. The best thing about using the bottles for gardening is that they don’t occupy a lot space. You can make the best use of the space you have.

They can be used as a fish trap too. These are especially useful for small fish. To use the bottle as a fish trap, cut the bottle in half, remove the cap and insert the top half of the bottle into the bottom half. Add some bait inside the bottle (e.g. some pieces of bread). The fish will enter to eat the bread, but will not be able to find a way out.

8 DIY Survival Projects Out Of Plastic Bottles

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