A World Hungry for Preparedness

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What the world needs now is disaster preparedness…forget about love! All over the world we are watching human beings face insurmountable force. Be it financial calamity, natural disaster or even skirting around the edges of war.

What the world needs now is disaster preparedness...forget about love!

Its a dangerous and frightening time for many. With mother nature and the changing attitude of the earth threats abound from sea to shining sea.

Now, this is not fear mongering. Its a message that disaster preparedness is an essential part of what we should be focusing on as a race. All of us should be looking at how we can store more food, have access to clean water, assure we have power options and thing about security and evacuation.

Here is a snapshot of some big issues happening right now and how the average human would benefit from a little preparedness.


Martial law has been declared in Ukraine due to an overwhelming pressure from Russia. It would seem the nation of Ukraine is facing a creeping Soviet style takeover and that will not be good for any part of the world. Martial law is something we talk about all the time. Its a terrifying reality that these people are facing.


Political upheaval has caused riots and unrest in the streets. This calamity and chaos is responsible for all sorts of issues in the nation right now. The citizens need to be prepared for this chaos, as well.


We have watched in horror as Venezuela faces one of the most devastating economic collapses of our time. We have watched inflation approach 1000% and citizens eat zoo animals to stay alive.


One of the great disasters is the corruption and failure of Mexico and Central America. Between the drug cartels and the floundering economies, citizens of these nations are left to flee for America.

There are problems out there folks. What the world needs now is disaster preparedness!

What the world needs now is disaster preparedness...forget about love!

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