Uncommon Places To Find Supplies After The SHTF

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Uncommon Places To Find Supplies

Uncommon Places To Find Supplies

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In a significant SHTF incident—there may be a need to obtain additional supplies. This need may come from having to replenish your stocks over time. Also—you may be caught away from your cache or traveling—and need to access these valuable items.

Once the “event” occurs grocery stores will be completely out of food within days if not hours. This is why having knowledge of where to look before other people catch on is vital for your survival.

If there is power—lines will form and gas stations will be out of fuel quickly. The most obvious sources for certain items will already be picked through read the full article and please read the comment on this one below, very informative! (This post is not about looting, I do not condone looting)

See them at… Uncommon Places To Find Supplies

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