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Analyzing 4 of the Best Military Surplus Rifles

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Analyzing 4 of the Best Military Surplus Rifles

Analyzing 4 of the Best Military Surplus Rifles - list Follow Me on Pinterest

In this age of newest, biggest and best its hard to imagine anyone would read this article and consider using older military surplus rifles. Still, there is something that trumps the aforementioned, and that is your budget. If you are looking for a rifle and do not have the 700 dollars plus to get your hands on something of modern quality this article is pure gold. What are you going to use this rifle for? Sure these four rifles may not perform at 200 yards the way a modern rifle will but, again, what are you doing?

If you at looking for a defense rifle or a hunting rifle there is no way you can get a better deal. The guns mentioned are not firing .22 LR these guns are all packing military power. They all hover right around the .30-06 caliber-ish range. There is simply not a better deal and this article tells the story of each option.

Analyzing 4 of the Best Military Surplus Rifles

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