Bank Line vs Paracord

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Cordage is an important part of any survivors toolkit. With the right cordage you can do all sorts of things.  If you are without cordage you will quickly find that making it from tree bark or vines is time consuming and its a struggle to get a long lasting bit of cordage to come together.


Cordage is an important part of any survivors toolkit.

In the survival community there are two types of cordage that rule the roost. One is paracord or 550 cord. The other is bank line. Both are great options and they can be highly effective in all survival tasks. The question that often comes up is, what are the benefits of each and which ends up being the better solution?


It seems that you can make nearly anything out of paracord. You can find grenades, bracelets, nets and a whole host of other creations made of paracord. The five internal strings make paracord another incredible resource for the average survivor. It adds to the total cordage that you are carrying.

Paracord has great tensile strength and can be bought in a tremendous amount of variation. There is also about every color of the stuff for sale, today. Any survivor would be happy with a pack full of paracord.

Bank Line

Bank line is another option for survival cordage. It does not contain the extra filaments of string like paracord but it can be just as strong. Where bank line really shines is in the weight and size. You see, bank line is about three times smaller in mass compared to the paracord. It is also significantly lighter.

When considering which cordage is right for you, think about where your priorities lie. Are you going to want a lighter and smaller pack or are you going to want much more cordage. Do you wanna know the big secret? You can pack a little of both!

Cordage is an important part of any survivors toolkit.


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