28 Benefits to Prepping Even if TEOTWAWKI Doesn’t Come

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28 Benefits to Prepping Even if TEOTWAWKI Doesn’t Come

28 Benefits to Prepping Even if TEOTWAWKI Doesn’t Come

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Sick and tired of hearing people argue that there’s no point to prepping if nothing catastrophic happens in their lifetime? You and I both know how wrong they are, but sometimes it’s hard to voice it.

Well the next time you get someone telling you that, direct them to this page! There are plenty of reasons why prepping is a damn good idea even if you don’t end up in a single SHTF/TEOTWAWKI situation in your lifetime. There are a slew of emergency situations that your preps will help with, and regardless of even those, there are reasons for prepping that will be true even if you have the best luck in the world and end up not having any issues whatsoever! (peace of mind anyone?).

Help put an end amongst the common-folk to all the babble about prepping being completely useless unless an outright disaster happens. There are so many reasons to prep you won’t even remember the half of them to repeat, but at least having a good 5-6 to recite offhand will help you to be able to stop those non-believers dead in their tracks.

There’s a million reasons why you do what you do. Here are 28 valid even under the criticism of those who aren’t on the same page as us when it comes to prepping:

28 Benefits to Prepping Even if TEOTWAWKI Doesn’t Come

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