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Best Camper Trailers For a Family

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Camping is a fun activity, and the fun doubles when you’re doing it with family. Still, to enjoy your camping activities with family, there are certain things required. Apart from feeding and basic upkeep, a camping trailer is every camper’s necessity. RV, you will certainly have the best time with your family.

Buying the best family-sized RV is an investment. Buying the best family van usually comes with a lot of money. Many people decide to pay for such a purchase with their savings. Such savings are more often kept in the form of investments in coins or stocks. So, instead of cramping up in a tiny RV during family camping, why not something bigger that increases the fun?

There are many benefits of having a big-size trailer for family camps. So, get the bigger ones instead of holding on to your small camp trailer. This article details the best camper trailers you should get for your family today.

6 Best Family Camper Trailers to Buy Today

Are you thinking of the best family camper trailers but can’t decide what to go for? Then, you can review all of the options on this list and choose the best for you.

  • Grand Design Transcend Xplor 247BH

The Grand Design Transcend Xplor is a perfect camper trailer for a family of six. The trailer easily fits two adults in the walk-around queen bed, two kids on the rear bunk beds, and two other guests on the 69 inches roll-over sofa.

Inside this trailer, you’ll find a 3-burner stove, USB ports, residential countertops, and a good size refrigerator. Other excellent features inside the trailer, like the per drawer below the fridge to store any pet stuff you have.

The Grand Design Transcend comes with a lot of storage space, both pass-through storage outside and overhead storage inside the camper. Many campers recommend the Grand Design as a suitable RV that’ll work perfectly for a family of 6.

  • Keystone Passport SL 240BHWE

The Keystone Passport is suitable for a family of five. It has a walk-around queen bed, double bunks, an entertainment center, and an outside kitchen. The refrigerator that comes with the RV is six cubic feet; it has 4G LTE and Wi-Fi available.

The outdoor kitchen is one of the essential things that makes this trailer a steal for families. It’s a great place to relax while preparing a meal.

  • Jayco Jay Feather Micro 171BH

Another excellent RV that’ll suit a family of five is this Jayco Jay trailer. The queen-size bed has an attached nightstand and a folding door if you need privacy. There’s a bunk bed at the rear of the trailer, away from the main sleeping area. There’s a little dining area convertible to a bed if need be. There’s also an upgraded six cubic feet fridge to eight cubic feet.

Another exciting thing about this camper is the 32′ LED 12V TV sporting a built-in soundbar, standard 16′ Goodyear off-road tires, and a rubber torsion Dexter axle. The camper’s wall is Azel, making it even more family friendly and appealing.

  • Winnebago Micro Minnie 2100BH

The Winnebago Micro Minnie is another camper trailer you should consider for a family of five. The trailer’s exterior is a brilliant silver color with a modern interior outlook. In 2021, this camper was voted the RV News 2021 Lightweight Travel Trailer of the year.

The kitchen has plenty of space, a sink, a 10.3 cubic feet double-door fridge, a convection microwave, and a recessed 3-burner cooktop. There’s also an attached backlit knob to the cooktop and a glass cover. You can get either a slightly smaller eight-cubic feet fridge that runs on gas or one that runs on electricity. Inside, you’ll find a full-size bed at the front of the camper, bunk beds in the rear, and a little dining area that is convertible for sleep.

  • Coachmen Apex Nano 194BHS

The Coachmen Apex Nano is an RV that’ll comfortably fit a family of six. It features a queen-size bed at the front of the trailer and a 30 inches x 74 inches bunk bed with 4 inches foam mattresses each. There’s also a tiny dining room that is convertible to a bed. Inside, the dry bathtub-shower combination, a medicine cabinet, and wardrobe storage in the bathroom. The galley has a flush-mount dual-burner stove, microwave, a six cubic feet double-door refrigerator, and a pantry for groceries.

The sink installed in this camper is a single-bowl stainless steel model. The exterior, on the other part, includes pass-through storage, outside speakers, and an outdoor cooking area. The Coachmen Apex Nano is designed for a family of four, even though it can fit six people. So, if you are looking for small camper trailers, consider buying them.

  • Airstream Caravel 20FB

The Airstream Caravel 20FB is perfect for a family of four. A queen-size bed and a dining area convertible to a sleeping bed. Some of the excellent features of the Airstream Caravel 20FB are the stainless steel gas stove with cast iron. There’s also a convection microwave oven in the kitchen.


Having a camper trailer that accommodates an entire family is one of the joys of going camping together. There are many things to be considered when selecting one. The best advice is to go for campers that meet your needs and are also budget-friendly.


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