Budget Knives: Why You Need A Mora Knife For Your Kit

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Budget Knives: Why You Need A Mora Knife For Your Kit


The inexpensive Mora companion knife has proven its self to be a very underestimated budget knife. Mora Knives are made from high-quality Sandvik steel. Sandvik  steels are characterized by ultra-fine carbides that result in superb forging and hardening properties, because the lack of large carbide deposits this promotes excellent edge sharpness for optimum cutting performance, making this small knife a much need commodity for your kit, some even say your every day knife, but I will leave that up to you to judge.

The Mora makers has been manufacturing the highest-quality knives in Mora, Sweden since 1891, so the fact they have been making knives all this time proves they are quality. Product Info: 8.5 x 1.5 x 0.8 inches and weighs in at 3 pounds. You can pick one of these beauties up for around $15 bucks and will take a lot of beating over years of bushcraft. The Mora companion has a very sharp edge and features a 4.1-inch high carbon steel blade that achieves high hardness, sharpens easily and is exceptionally tough.

For the money, durability, flexibility and the plain fact this is a proven knife by respectable survivalists and bushcrafters you should seriously consider investing in one or two. Heck, they are that reasonable this may be a perfect gift for someone who you want to get involved in prepping or survivalism. See more specs and to purchase one for $13.79 for a limited time below:

Budget Knives: Why You Need A Mora Knife For Your Kit

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