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Bugging Out By Car When It Hits The Fan

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Bugging Out By Car When It Hits The Fan

Bugging Out By Car When It Hits The Fan - emergency Follow Me on Pinterest

Most of us cannot afford a bunker or underground shelter to hunker down during a SHTF event. Even more, few people out there have a fortified house that can withstand a natural or man-made disaster. When hunkering down is not an option, you will have to plan for an emergency escape.

Bugging out doesn’t seem complicated at first and people believe that if they have a car, they are half way there. However, there is more to bugging out by car than you probably assume. Even if it’s the number one evacuation option for most people, there are a few things still being neglected.

First of all, people fail to realize that bugging out by car is not always a guarantee that you will make it to safety. At some point, you might be forced to abandon your car and travel on foot. And second, the nature and the effects of the crisis will dictate your course of action.

Another aspect that should be acknowledged is that the time it takes you to put your bug out plan in motion plays an important role in your survival. Logic dictates that the sooner you do so, the better you will be. You will not have to deal with other panicked drivers or the side effects of the disaster.

Bugging out by car requires for you to prepare your vehicle with everything needed for your survival. However, it also implies to have a certain driving etiquette that would help you reach your destination.

If you bug out plan includes the use of your car to reach your bug out location or a network of people that can take you in, you should consider two major aspects:

  • How you prepare your car
  • How you drive your car to reach a safe destination

The following article provides suggestions for both aspects of bugging out by car:

Bugging Out By Car When It Hits The Fan

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