Building the Boo-Boo Kit for Kids

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We often limit our kids. Its a very special parent that can detach and force their child to be much better. 

How To Make Your Own Boo-Boo Healing Stick - Some advantages to making your own is knowing exactly what is in it, how it was made, and gaining the skills and knowledge of using various essential oils instead of blindly relying on the manufacturer and government regulations to ensure that products are safe. It is a very fun and exciting topic to get in to.

Some parents struggle to teach a child some skill, like swimming, only to find that a few lessons with them out of the way results in the child catching right on.

Bottom line, your kids are capable of much more than you think. So, why not store them a simple boo boo kit in their backpacks so they can deal with small issues. You will find your children are more than capable of simple first aid

Cloth Bandages 

There is something very rewarding about your little one running toward you with eyes full of tears and a scraped knee. With some good cloth bandages, they can apply these directly to a scrape or small cut and feel very accomplished. 

This is how we lead them out of dependence. 

Cold Packs

A simple cold pack can make a huge difference in the world of caring for injuries. If a child twists an ankle or something to that effect it is such a big deal if you give them an answer for that as well. 

They make cold packs in many sizes and all derivations. 

Sting and Itch

Some of the worst pain a child will endure is from a bee sting or an itching rash. There is a sense of powerlessness and if your child is at school or at a friends house they would like to reach into that boo boo kit and lather on a cream that would make the itch and sting go away. 

These single packs are very cheap and go a long way. This is especially true for little hands and feet. 

There are some other great little DIY projects that could be included in this kit. It really comes down to your personal choices and the needs of your child. 


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