Buying a Realistic Bugout Vehicle

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There is no getting around the fact that you need a bug out location (“BOL”). These could be varied. Maybe your bug out is very far away or maybe it’s pretty close by. 

Buying a Realistic Bugout Vehicle — We have all seen those fantasy bugout vehicles with gun turrets and the like hanging off of them. They are heavily armored and look like something out a movie.

Either way, you need an answer if things get bad in your immediate location. It would help if you had a vehicle to get away and get to that location faster. Now, your bug out vehicle (“BOV”) might be the car you drive each day.

Here are some tips for buying a vehicle for the bug out

No Debt 

Don’t look for the latest and the greatest. You can buy a perfectly good car that runs well and costs a few thousand dollars. There is no point of running up debt for a bug out vehicle. That is very counterproductive. You have to do some research on local sales of cars. A deal will come up.

Be sure the vehicle is something that makes sense and is going to accomplish what you need but be sure it doesn’t make you beholden to debt.

Know Your Distance

The most important part of buying your bug out vehicle is assuring that you are going to be able to get to your location. Sure you can buy a “beater” or a car that is cheap and somewhat effective. but you need to be sure it can get you where you are going 

If you have e 50-mile car that will get you somewhere close but your bug out location is 300 miles away, you might not have the right vehicle for the job.

Storage Space

Whether that means a hatchback or a pickup, you need to have storage space in your BOV. Hopefully, you have some preps that you want to bring to your BOL. You need to have space in your vehicle to throw bags, food, ammo and the things that you need to survive.

There is no getting around the fact that you need a bugout location. These could be varied. Maybe your bugout is very far away or maybe its pretty close by. 

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