Canning Meals for Preparedness and Convenience

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Canning is a cornerstone of any food storage program. Chances are if you garden you likely are considering or are already canning some of your produce. Growing tomatoes alone is enough to drive you in this direction. You just cannot eat them all!

Canning is a cornerstone of any food storage program.

The canning of single items like jams, fruits or veggies is just one aspect of the canning process. Canning homemade broth is another great way to take advantage of this technology. However, you can go even further beyond! You can do this by creating whole canned meals.

Lets take a look at how this can be done using the canning method and some fresh or dry ingredients. We will look at breakfast, lunch and dinner.


One of the easiest one can methods for breakfast is to pack a jar with oats, brown sugar, cinnamon, salt and maybe some dried fruit. This can be dumped into boiling water and you will have breakfast in a hurry. Oatmeal is a great breakfast and this can knock out a big batch by simply unscrewing a cap.


Soup is one of the best answers to lunch. You can execute soup in a couple ways. You can use powdered bouillon and dry ingredients like parboiled rice or small pastas as well as dry vegetables and create a canned dry soup mix or you can just used that same canned broth and create the soup ahead of time and can it just like Campbells would.


Taking what you have learned about soup you can create a powerful beef stew using the same method as the soup except including larger vegetables like cuts of carrot and potatoes as well as chunks of cooked meat.

When canning full meals be sure that you follow a recipe there are tons of great recipes out there and also many great books on the subject. Happy hunting!

Canning is a cornerstone of any food storage program.

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