Carrying Camping Stoves in your Pack

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The power of fire and its effect on survival is undeniable. There is no force that has taken us so far as learning to control and manipulate fire.

The power of fire and its effect on survival is undeniable

It kept us warm through the ice age and helped us create metal in the iron age. Surviving that cold and creating metal were two huge accomplishments that would have been impossible without fire.

For most of our history fire meant something that was built using sticks and sparks and tinder.  We stoked campfires in caves, on prairies and in shelters all across this nation. However, technology has so gripped the process of fire making that you can carry things with you that give you fire in an instant. The lighter comes to mind.

Even better than the simple flame of a lighter is the powerful cooking and heating flame that many camping stoves produce. Have you considered a camping stove for your backpack?  Maybe one that could fit down in your bugout bag, your get home bag or an evacuation kit?


The magic of a gasifier wood burning camping stove is that you have the ability to make a serious fire that can boil water from just a handful of sticks and some tinder to get them lit. This incredible use of airflow and minimal fuel allows a powerful and directed flame to do its work in a matter of minutes.

Nothing is more impressive than being able to generate fire from a handful of sticks.


Having a gas flame means you get it on demand. Gas flames also burn hotter and faster than gasifiers. They can boil water in under a second. That is impressive. Its convenience that many do not want to part with.

No matter what type of camping stove you decide to store, they are all very effective. You can build a campfire each time you need fire but this is a quicker answer for some things.

The power of fire and its effect on survival is undeniable

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