Citronella Soap Recipe For Gardners

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Citronella Soap Recipe For Gardners

Citronella Soap Recipe For Gardners

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With the weather getting hotter by the day now, that brings in humidity and BUGS! Nasty blood sucking bugs, mosquitoes and gnats are the worst where I live, I hate to be covered up while I garden, I hate to apply Deet too, so I decided to go a more natural route.

This is where I found the recipe for citronella soap. This soap has essential oils which repel these pesky flying vampires very well. I made a batch and it worked well. It smells pretty manly though so if you are not a fan of manly scents this is not for you.

A side note, this recipe contains Pennyroyal herb which is harmful to babies so if you are pregnant, do not add it to the recipe. It will still work great without it.

See how to make it at.. Citronella Soap Recipe For Gardners

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