Cold Weather DIY Preps

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Jack Frost is raking his icy fingers across the nation. The cold weather has returned and those delightful arctic blasts are going to start hitting us. While you can buy your way to winter preparedness there are also lots of things you can do at home.

Jack Frost is raking his icy fingers across the nation.With just a few new skills and some equipment, you could become a winter weather DIY wizard. Beyond keeping warm the things you make are also going to allow you to offer a personal touch to your home and to warm those around you with these projects.


Some of the best and warmest hats, are those crocheted and knitted at home. Keeping the heat in the top of your head is such a game changer when you are dealing with cold weather. The extremities just lose heat at an astounding pace. When contending with the cold there is no ally, other than good boots, that is more valuable than a good hat!

You can also learn to make easy mittens, too!


The terracotta heater has long been a DIY project that appears on prepping and survival blogs. It offers an interesting design that allows you to generate heat using a single tea light candle. Now, it might not be your answer to whole house heating but during a power outage it could be the best source of heat you have.

Hand Warmers

These are often made of cloth and contain dried rice or beans. The handwarmer can be tossed in the microwave and the contents will heat up to keep your hands or feet warm. They wont put out heat as long as the chemical versions but these can be made at home for very little money. They can also be heated up, as long as you have power, over and over.

Jack Frost is raking his icy fingers across the nation.

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