How To Communicate When SHTF

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How To Communicate When SHTF

How To Communicate

If you are over 30 you are probably the lucky ones who can remember the old school ways of communication. CB radios used to be a big thing and is unfortunately getting lost with time. This was and still is a great method of communication in good or bad times.

For the younger readers and people who think that cell phones, Facebook and Twitter will still be available if SHTF.. You are wrong. In fact, they will most likely be the first form of communication that will fail.

Over at shtfdad, they have a great article on ways to communicate when SHTF. Some you will know, some you may not. Either way, you will be learning something.

The one thing that I wasn’t aware is that the Weather Radio will almost never go down and can be used to send other emergency messages when needed. Thats why it is important to invest in a NOAA weather radio.

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How To Communicate When SHTF

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