Competing in the 24 Hour Sniper Adventure Challenge

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Let me start this out by saying that the skill of tracking something and shooting it from a mile away is not really one of the most important skills to a prepper in a collapse.

Competing in the 24 Hour Sniper Adventure Challenge - This article is all about a specific type of challenge that focused on long range precision rifle. Its a look into what you should take as well as the full experience in itself.

Most of the eastern woodlands are dense forest and rolling hills that don’t offer shots like that in most

However, there is much to be learned from a challenge like this. 

It’s so rare that we measure our skills. I think it’s very important that we take the time to measure what we are trying to achieve.

Prepping and the skills therein can be very overwhelming. One thing that makes it so nerve-racking is the fact that we never really know where we are. Do we have enough? Are we good enough?

These questions are pretty common and are even more common if you are not measuring yourself. There are a number of challenges and events popping up every year that can help you understand just how effective you will be.

The 24-hour sniper challenge is such a test of what you can carry, hiking, navigation and shooting all in one. 

Understanding your Limits

What these type of challenges present preppers more than anything is an understanding of their limits. You will find out what your limits truly are and how they affect your performance. 

The high elevation hiking is enough to make the majority of people tap. Add to that stressors and shots up to 1200 yards and you will quickly begin to understand just what it takes to survive. 

These lessons on our limits are so important. Preppers are rarely brought to the mirror to face their limitations. While it hurts to admit that we need to improve its one of the only ways that we will put in the work to get there. 

It takes so much effort to move the dial just a little. Sometimes the only failure will give us the push we need. 

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