Could You Survive the End Right Now

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To start an article like this we have to first talk about what the end means. What does it mean to you? The end is very interesting but it can look a bunch of different ways depending on the person. We can talk about a personal end or an end of civility and society.

To start an article like this we have to first talk about what the end means.

Imagine if you woke up tomorrow and the lights didn’t go one. Not just at your home but imagine if the lights never came on again anywhere. Or imagine the natural resources of the world are compromised and you are left to face food production on your own.

What would your stockpile and your family look like if the end was upon you right now? Are you prepared to deal with that?

Every so often it’s important that you put yourself to the test. It’s a very interesting thing to consider. One of the best ways to do this is to look at your current food storage, water storage, and other items. Begin looking at those resources and imagine chewing away at them for a month without the ability to replenish them.

Do you have enough skills and resources on hand to buffer the change from a consumer based situation to a more self-sufficient situation? In the long term “end of it all” situation, you are going to need to make a serious change from being a person who stockpiles to a person who produces and sustains.

This article is not to point fingers at those who might not be ready. Its also not to assume that you are not prepared. The importance of testing the here and now is to see how far from the goal you really are. Its easy to push preparedness off to the next day or the next week.  Don’t make that mistake.

To start an article like this we have to first talk about what the end means.

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