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Create a Personal Hygiene and Sanitation Kit

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Create a Personal Hygiene and Sanitation Kit

Create a Personal Hygiene and Santiation Kit - clean Follow Me on Pinterest

Personal hygiene and sanitation are two of the most often overlooked parts of the prepping and survival world. They are not as cool as tactical pants, guns and food storage. The truth is hygiene and sanitation will be the first and one of the most dangerous threats in a post collapse world. It will bring disease and death to many who are not prepared. This article details the creation of a very unique and all-in-one hygiene and sanitation kit. It requires very few items and stores well.

There is a really cool emphasis on growable hygiene items like licorice root for oral hygiene, soapwort for… soap and luffas for scrubbing people and places. This is a cool angle to take with personal hygiene which is usually dominated by stockpiling items. Give this article a read and build this kit yourself.

Create a Personal Hygiene and Sanitation Kit

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