Crovel Extreme – A Preppers Multi Tool

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Well I must say I have been kept in the dark. I have just seen the video to this beast on you tube and I am going to order one right away. I’m that excited I’m blogging about it. Its basically a multi tool for a prepper. EVERYONE NEEDS ONE OF THESE BEASTS


ALL-IN-ONE: Like its predecessor The Crovel, The Crovel EXTREME eliminates the need for several tools- eliminating extra weight and increasing versatility.

  • What makes the Crovel EXTREME superior? 
  • THE HANDLE: The Crovel Extreme boasts a 14 inch hollow steel handle that allows storage of key survival items such as: a fire stick, fishing hooks and line, water purification tablets, snare wire, flashlight, knife (fillers/accessories not included), while maintaining its heavy duty handle integrity. The handle is plugged at the end out with an aluminum-threaded plug.
  • THE HAMMERHEAD: The Crovel Extreme’s hammerhead has also been upgraded to give a wider surface to the head allowing for easier use.
  • THE CLAW: The Crovel Extreme’s crowbar claw has been upgraded include a woodworking chisel as well as a pry.
  • Pending-PATENT PENDING: Its unique patent pending design combines the functions of over 13 tools into one indispensable tool that can handle a multitude of tasks.
  • THE QUALITY OF MADE IN THE USA: The shovel head boasts a 10 gauge hardened steel with a grade “A” washer and a custom steel collar with an over-sized thread pattern assuring a strong no slip locking position.   The forged steel hammer head adds to the list of survival tools that the user can use in the field.
  • THE EDGE: The strength and sharpness of the shovel edge gives you the ultimate cutting, chopping, sawing surface that will keep its edge even if you lose yours.
  • EXTRAS: 550 paracord is wrapped on the hand to add grip strength and to give you 15 ft.. of life saving material that can be use in thousands of different ways.
  • Introducing “CROVEL Extreme”, the “The Ultimate Survival Tool” and NEW MUST HAVE Multi-Tool. 
  • ALL-IN-ONE: Like its predecessor The Crovel Shovel, The Crovel EXTREME eliminates the need for several tools- eliminating extra weight and increasing versatility.


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