Dangerous Animals – Insects And Arachnids

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Dangerous Animals – Insects And Arachnids

Dangerous Animals - Insects And Arachnids

You recognize and identify insects, except centipedes and millipedes, by their six legs while arachnids have eight. All these small creatures become pests when they bite, sting, or irritate you.

Although their venom can be quite painful, bee, wasp, and hornet stings rarely kill a survivor unless he is allergic to that particular toxin. Even the most dangerous spiders rarely kill, and the effects of tick-borne diseases are very slow-acting.

However, in all cases, avoidance is the best defense. In environments known to have spiders and scorpions, check your footgear and clothing every morning. Also check your bedding and shelter for them. Use care when turning over rocks and logs.

Check out the amazing information we all probably overlook with these small but “dangerous” animals ….

Dangerous Animals – Insects And Arachnids

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