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DIY Hidden Pivot Bookcase

DIY Hidden Pivot Bookcase

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I shared a post about a similar product a few months ago, but that was to purchase it, this time I found an article to make your own… Save money now to buy more preps later, this has always been my motto 🙂

 The picture above show after its complete and makes a closet or even a spare bedroom into a secret prep/storage area. This is not an easy thing to do by any means, but if you want a spring project, this is it.

I wanted to share this article because I know security is one of the top priorities, what would you do if you had all your preps on show and someone just walked in and took them? With this you can store all of your preps or a fair amount of food and water in this hidden spot to ensure you have some supplies if you do get robbed.

If you are not prepping, this hidden room could be an awesome office hideaway or just somewhere to store your valuables, a big safe if you will.

DIY Hidden Pivot Bookcase

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