DIY No-Ice Evap Air Conditioner With PVC Pipe

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DIY No-Ice Evap Air Conditioner With PVC Pipe

DIY No-Ice Evap Air Conditioner With PVC Pipe -  All you need is water and a car battery to run this. Sounds like a perfect playa/prepper/camping project to me. This is an alterative to designs that require ice because ice won't always be available.

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A lot of you really liked the 5 gallon bucket air conditioner article that was posted a while back on Graywolf Survival. It was shared on Facebook many thousands of times in just a couple of days. Well, Graywolf loved the idea too but it wasn’t pushing out enough volume of air to cool down his RV (or his bedroom) so he spent months designing an improved version, based on the original design.

This one uses a larger fan and has a lot more filter pad area to cool down the air. It’s also very portable and light (it breaks down in a couple of minutes and has a 1/2″ PVC pipe frame). It runs completely off 12V that you can get off a car battery and takes less than a few amps to run so it wouldn’t take a lot of solar power to recharge to keep it running at night.
The best part is, it’s a super simple DIY build.

The article includes information about what kind of temperature drop you should get based on the humidity and temperature you’re in – and guess what … you don’t have to be in a desert for it to work.¬†Graywolf has the whole build broken down with photos of each stage of the build. If you like doing DIY projects, this is a great one.

DIY No-Ice Evap Air Conditioner With PVC Pipe

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