DIY Naturally Cool Cob Playhouse

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DIY Naturally Cool Cob Playhouse

DIY Naturally Cool Cob Playhouse - Build your own playhouse with a cob layer and a living roof that provides natural cooling in the hot summers... it works!

Image Credit: ghettocottage

If you have kids / grand-kids, this easy CHEAP naturally cool cob playhouse project needs to be built. This project will earn you respect points with the little ones and give them a little retreat to cool off in the summer heat.

After looking at the instructable, I think this could be scaled up too. So if you were looking to make a tiny house like this playhouse just scale up the materials to suit your needs.

This project will cost under $100 bucks and if you want to make this a multi purpose playhouse, maybe turn this into a root cellar in the winter months. Something to think about. Cob makes the inside a lot cooler than a regular shed or playhouse.

DIY Naturally Cool Cob Playhouse

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