DIY Pretreatment Stain Remover

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I found a lot of recipes out there for a pre treatment stain remover. But wasn’t impressed by the ingredients. Some included ammonia which would act as a stain lifer, but I felt it might also act as a color remover! Homemade liquid soap left in it’s gel form before adding the additional hot water to make it liquid which is a good idea as it is the best for removing protein type stains ie… blood, grass etc.. But smearing gel on each stained piece seemed really inconvenient and messy. And some included store bought shampoo as a degreaser. So I developed my own recipe below which I feel addressed these issues.

1 C homemade soap gel stored for liquid soap. (grated ivory blended in hot water just thick enough to form and remain in a gel form)Or you could use castle soap if that is what you use to make your liquid soap. I just happen to prefer to use ivory bar soap.
1-2 C hot water to make the gel liquefied (depending on how thick you left your soap gel) enough to be spray-able.
½ C liquid dishwasher soap
¼ C hydrogen peroxide
Empty dark colored spray bottle. (I used an empty spray n wash so my family wouldn’t notice a difference – and it’s dark green so it won’t effect the hydrogen peroxide which loses it’s potency when exposed to light)


Mix the soap gel and the hot water together in the bottle until it is the appropriate texture to spray. Nothing homemade or store bought has ever worked better for removing protein stains like food, blood, and grass than good old bar soap … this is the same in liquid form!

Add in the liquid dishwasher soap as a wonderful degreaser. It is much stronger than hair shampoo for this purpose and have used a combination of liquid dishwasher soap and bleach as a pre-soak on my son’s nasty track socks for years with great results. But did not add bleach to this recipe as I want the stain remover to be equally as safe for colors.

Then I added the hydrogen peroxide for the stain lifting ability without risking creating color loss or bleach stains on the clothing.

I tested this product by spraying a dark blue towel with blood stains and letting it dry so that if any harm could be done to the material this would do it! It dried with no color loss and when it was washed all the stain washed right out!

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