Do you Have a Bump in the Night Process?

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How many times in our lives do we wake up to that bump in the night? How many times do we clear the home, nearly certain, that someone is lurking inside?How many times in our lives do we wake up to that bump in the night?

More than that, how often do we worry about the moment when we are found at our most vulnerable, while sleeping, by someone who has entered the home?

These are concerns that most Americans push deep down because they don’t want to take the steps to be more prepared for them. When you start from step one, what are the things you would do if you heard glass break downstairs and boots moving on the floor below you?

The probability is different for every reader. Some people are more likely to have this happen to them than others. Either way, its important that we all consider it. Maybe even prepare for it? That’s what it takes to keep a home secure.

Have you considered a bump in the night process? What does something like that look like? We are going to look at few pieces of the puzzle though you can add or takeaway whichever you prefer.


One of the first and most important pieces is to get the family together in a sort of “base of operations” or safe room. Here everyone can be protected from any threat.


Now its time to call the police. We know that they are not the quickest option but its important to get them involved ASAP. This will go a long way if you wind up using deadly force.


Depending on your training you my look to deter the intruders with a warning to leave the home. This could come in many forms. Its not a necessary part but it could be all you need to scare people away.


This is an important phase where you assume a position that protects your family. It could be in your saferoom or it could be a more offesnive position. This depends on your trianing and the threat.

How many times in our lives do we wake up to that bump in the night?

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