Drying Your Clothes On A Clothesline Is Banned In 19 States

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Drying Your Clothes On A Clothesline Banned In 19 States

Drying Your Clothes On A Clothesline Is Banned In 19 States

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Did you know there are 19 states that have banned clotheslines? Have you ever heard of the Solar Rights Act? If you answered no to either question, you may want to read on.

Many Americans are used to living in Home Owner’s Associations (HOAs) and are familiar with the anti-clothesline rules. Even those whose angle is to attract people who want to live more ‘green,’ they only allow clotheslines if it can’t be seen from the road, or your neighbors can’t see it, or basically not seen by anyone. They have no right to dry, either. Boxing in a clothesline kind of defeats the purpose of having one.

There are 19 states that have banned the use of clotheslines altogether. They cite reasons of lowering property values or strangulation safety reasons. Nevermind the amount of energy it saves, thus saving Americans thousands of dollars a year plus the amount of pollution it could potentially cut that is produced every year.

In 1978, the Solar Rights Act was passed that effectively made it your right to use the sun’s power. In 2006, it was amended to open up even more rights for us to utilize the free energy but of course, this is all a little known fact. The enforcement of it is also limited, largely due to the lack of knowledge about these laws that override not only HOAs but also the 19 state’s laws. Your right to dry may be illegally be taken.

Beware the Illegal Clothesline

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