Electrical Grid Down – No Power in a Canadian Winter

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Electrical Grid Down – No Power in a Canadian Winter

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What would happen in your area if the power went out in the dead of winter – not for minutes but for days? How would people behave if they didn’t have any idea when the electricity would come back on? What would happen to you if you were caught off guard, not having properly prepped for the winter when the electricity went out for an unknown number of days?

If you guessed that people would freak out at the electricity going down in the dead of winter – even if your winter was a sub-zero one like the ones we have in Canada – you are likely wrong. People are actually far more calm and rational about SHTF situations than we often give them credit for – at least at first. Short term emergencies, it seems they can deal with.

If you’re worried that you personally are not prepared enough to handle the kind of emergency where sub-zero winter weather would impact you for a few days – again, chances are you’re wrong. Though you may be very uncomfortable, you can certainly live through it.

This and more we learned when it was our turn to go through a power outage in the dead of winter. It wasn’t comfortable – but it taught us a lot. Read about our experiences here:

Electrical Grid Down – No Power in a Canadian Winter

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