How To Make An Every Day Carry Belt

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How To Make An Every Day Carry (EDC) Belt

How To Make An Every Day Carry (EDC) Belt

Being able to have emergency preparedness equipment on you at all times is all good and said but in reality, carrying your EDC kit with you isn’t always an option. (meetings, traveling, vacations, etc)

There are so many varieties of EDC kits available, from the big daddy the original EDC kit that is a small backpack / purse to the small Altoid kits that you can make for cheap and repetitively quickly.

Now there is this… the EDC survival belt. You can buy these ready made but these will set you back 90 – 120 bucks, that is way to much money for me so I went hunting for a great tutorial, and what do you know, I found one over at

Read on to see the tutorial and see step-by-step instructions with pictures to help you along the way. I like how minimalist this belt is yet hold all the key survival equipment you may need in an emergency.

How To Make An Every Day Carry (EDC) Belt

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