Five Native American Remedies We Can All Learn From

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Five Native American Remedies We Can All Learn From — The native Americans have been around here a lot longer than we have and wouldn't you think in all those years living by them selves they would have great natural remedies we could all learn from? I know for sure I would try them.

The native Americans were truly people of the land. They are the perfect example of what can be done when you spend generations understanding and learning from the land. When you spend all your time healing from the land and eating of the land. 

Because we are in North America, these are some of the most important people that we can learn from. How did they heal and how did they survive the harshest winters and elements that came to end them. Interestingly enough, it was 10,000 on this land and one disease from lands far away decimated them all! 

That is a terrifying thought. 

Let’s look at some of the best natural remedies of the native Americans.

Wild Rose 

The rosehip is an absolute Vitamin C monster.  These are incredibly sweet if you harvest them in the winter and after the first freeze. These would have been used to treat a variety of illnesses from cold to flu. 


Ginger root is a powerful healer all over the world. It is great mixed with honey and lemon to take on a daily basis when you aren’t feeling well. 


The roots of the greenbrier are incredibly nutritious. The leaves would have been used as a diuretic tea when steeped in water. 


Another great healer for things like head cold and congestion. They would actually burn the leaves and breath in the smoke to clear the airways. 


A very important plant with very rare use. This plant is best known for its ability to clot blood and stop bleeding like a stiptic powder. Very useful in a wilderness survival situation. 

As you can see the remedies of the native Americans were very special and helped out with numerous types of ailments and issues. Modern medicine is great but we should all know how the earth can heal us, too! 


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