The Forgotten Prep: Septic System Maintenance

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The Forgotten Prep: Septic System Maintenance

The Forgotten Prep Septic System Maintenance

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Many people who live green and frugally are in rural locations. Even those who live in suburban areas that have been incorporated into growing cities may still have septic systems versus being part of a large sewer line. There are over 21 million households that need to be prepared for septic system maintenance. If your home is on one, is this an overlooked prep?

Septic contamination is largely preventable, also according to the Environmental Protection Agency. The kicker is, it’s very easy to do, too! Ensuring certain things are never flushed and having it pumped out every other year can go a long way to making sure the water from the leach field never gets into your drinking water source. More important than that (since the water could be filtered/treated and made potable again) is the negative effects it can have on the surrounding wildlife.

Learning exactly how your system works and taking steps to make sure it keeps working for years to come is something that can save you, literally, thousands of dollars. Maybe even tens of thousands! Click the link below to find an infographic that explains how these systems generally work and point you in the right direction to making sure you don’t end up in a stinky mess.

Septic System Maintenance as the Forgotten Prep

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