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Across America people work at varying distances from their home. Some work hours from their home and make a serious trek on a daily basis. No matter if you are 5 minutes or 5 hours round trip from home, in a disaster you need to get home!

Across America people work at varying distances from their home.

Do you have a game plan for that sort of thing? This is a very important part of what you do as a prepper. You can only start making moves once you have the fmaily together. If everyone is scattered or if you are at work, it will be much harder for everyone to be home.

If you are looking into creating your own get home bag or get home plan here are three important things to consider.

Long or Short Distance

Which category do you fall into? Are you 5 miles from home or 50? This will vastly affect what your bugout bag and plan look like. If you are close maybe an EDC bag or no bag at all is fine! You can walk 5 miles in a couple hours. You might want to avoid main streets if there is violence but other than that you should be good.

Bag Size

Your bag size depends on a couple things. The first being your distance from home and the second being what you can do on the go. Your skill level and gear is going to determine bag size. For the more skillful you will naturally have less to care for. A beginning prepper might need more gear to feel comfortable.

Base of Operations

The most important thing to remember is that your mission is to get back to the base of operations ASAP. That being your home. From your home you can talk about next steps. Are you going to bugout or are you going to stay close to home? You cant make any of these decisions from your desk at work!

Across America people work at varying distances from their home.

Bonus: Root Cellar That Can Be Used as a Bunker

If you can't afford the box culvert option you can look into is building a backyard root cellar that can be used as a bunker.

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  • Affordable basic life support options

Easy Cellar will also show you how a veteran, with only $421, built a small nuclear bunker in his backyard.

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