Gifts for the Self Sufficient Gardener

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Are you the self sufficient gardener or are you the person buying for the gardener?

There are a number of great gifts out there that you can either ask for or you can get for a person who is the green thumb. Gardening is like a virus. Its starts small but then it infects you! It seems to take over your whole life slowly but surely. That reality can be leveraged to create a super beneficial life in regards to food!

You can find collections of great fits all over the internet. However, sometimes you don’t know where to look and we are going to look at a few great products that just make gardening better, easier and more efficient.

Wheelbarrow Waterbag

Dealing with watering tasks can be tremendous. You might think its as easy as turning on the hose but some people source water from different sources. Some people have gardens so expansive that they can hardly reach them with water.

Watering orchards or beds at a distance can be done using the wheelbarrow waterbag. Its the most efficient way to travel with a lot of water in your backyard.

Easy Seeder

When you talk about seeding and efficiency we all know that we thin our gardens and waste lots of seeds. The easy seeder collection of seeding sticks makes it so much easier and more efficient. They look like toy racecar tracks with small holes in them at varying intervals. Rather than placing seeds blindly these go on the garden bed and the seeds only go in those holes.

Quality Seed Stock

Having the right seeds and a stockpile of them can make a big difference to a gardener. Quality seed stock is available all over the internet.  Buy a collection of heirloom seeds that will create a whole garden.

There are many answers to this problem but the more you search the better the items you tend to find. Any gardener will be happy with these things we have listed above.

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